Save On Loan fees with Keller Mortgage

The ZeroPlus Loan.

  • Zero Origination Fee

  • Zero Processing Fee

  • Zero Underwriting Fee

  • Low Rates

  • $1000 closing credit (Loan amount must be at least $150,000)

Exclusive to Keller Williams Transactions

Buying a home with a Keller Williams agents? Or buying a Keller Williams listing?

Then you’re eligible for savings with ZeroPlus!


Keller Mortgage is a Nationwide Lender offering a Zero Plus Loan Program exclusively to our clients. Zero Plus means that they don’t charge the traditional lender fees, like an Origination Fee, Processing Fee, Underwriting Fee, etc. And for loans over $150,000, they give you an additional $1,000! On average this is saving our clients $5,000. That’s CASH they don’t have to bring to closing!

How can they do this and stay in business? Keller Mortgage doesn’t spend a dime on marketing so they pass that savings straight on to YOU, the customer, with competitive rates and no lender fees. They also order a Home Appraisal on day one of the contract, helping you close faster. And if you terminate that contract, you don’t pay them back for that appraisal.

Would you like to skip the fees, save thousands and close faster on your next home?!  Contact your Keller Williams agent today to get moving!!