More homeowners plan to spruce up their homes this year, but a lot of things can go wrong—particularly financially—when setting out to do a home remodel. More than a quarter of home renovation projects go over budget.

Some of the biggest budget breakers for owners completing a home renovation project, according to a new infographic from Job Site Image, a company that offers construction photo documentation, are:

  1. Choosing more expensive products or materials;

  2. Products or services were more costly than expected;

  3. Deciding to change the project scope or design;

  4. Project was more complex than expected;

  5. Discovering unexpected construction-related issues.

To avoid costly mistakes, make sure you do plenty of prep work, take a full assessment of the home and its walls, and consult a professional when necessary.  

WHAT’S IN YOUR WALLS? If you’re planning on renovating your old home, you know at the end of the project there are plenty of things you would do differently if you could go back, like moving a door or adding another sink. Even years after the project you may decide to add a sink in the laundry room or install a floor-to-ceiling bookcase in your library – just don’t hammer the nail into the water pipe!