No matter what your age or ability, there’s a hiking trail in the Beehive State for you. Most of Utah’s easiest trails are short and sweet, but today we’re featuring a fairly easy trail that’s much more than just a day hike – this trail will take you on a two-day adventure!

The West Fork Blacks Fork Trail is an epic, 20.8-mile-long, round trip trail located in the high Uinta Wilderness. For directions to the trailhead, visit the USDA Forest Service website. To complete this trail, most people will backpack in and stay the night surrounded by the natural beauty of this wilderness. Before you head out, check with a ranger at the station to find out about the latest weather conditions and fire restrictions. Keep in mind that the Uinta Wilderness Area is vast, and you’ll want to be properly prepared with food, water, and appropriate clothing.

One of the best features of this trail is the wide-open scenery you’ll experience. Instead of hiking through dense forest, you’ll traipse through several marshy bogs and pleasant, green meadows. You’ll enjoy stunning views of the mountains in the distance.  The trail roughly follows the Blacks Fork River, and in some spots it’s quite spectacular. Bring along your fishing pole – the fish can be quite plentiful here.

Depending on recent weather conditions and the time of year, this trail can be quite soggy. Wear some hiking sandals or shoes that you can get wet – you’ll be slogging through some marshy meadows during this hike. Of course, on a hot, summer day, the cool water can be pretty refreshing.  You’ll find several places to camp around Dead Horse Lake. Pitch your tent and enjoy a night filled with stars. This trail isn’t very popular, so you probably won’t encounter many other people. It’s a dog-friendly trail, so bring your pup and a friend or two to keep you company.

There’s really no place in the Beehive State like the high Uintas!