Want to sell your house fast? There are plenty of ways to prep your home without breaking the bank.  Here are 5 tips for you to follow.

1. Draw the eye to the best features

In this house, the commercial oven is a big selling feature. So Randall, who owns Knoxville Staging Services, arranged the kitchen to draw the eye there.

Arrange jars or eye-catching items like a nice recipe book around the selling point of your kitchen to draw the eye in.  Place lemons and limes in a glass jar, it’s pretty and photographs well.  use art, especially graphic prints, to catch people’s eyes and lead them through a house as they as tour a home.  Have a long hallway? Hang a piece of graphic art at the end to attract the eye. It will lead buyers into other parts of the home.  Always decorate bookcases and mantels to draw attention. If it’s a white book case, decorate with dark, color-coordinated books.  Is your couch sitting in front of the fireplace? Rearrange the furniture to show off the mantel and make the room look bigger.

2. Create a spa in your bathroom

Clear counters of clutter and placing spa items on the counters.  You can elevate an updated or older bathroom by creating a spa-like environment.  Buy fluffy, white towels and fold them neatly. Use a white waffle-weave shower curtain and leave it half open to create depth in the room.  Add some amenities, too. Put cotton balls and Q-tips in glass jars. Have an empty space where a hamper usually sits? Replace it with a nice, neutral bench.

3. Light it up

Mirrors are often used to bounce back light and make a room look larger or brighter.  Light and bright is trending, so it’s important to turn on every light to make the space inviting.  Dark corner? Hang a mirror opposite a window to bounce light throughout the room. Mirrors are affordable and double as pieces of art.  For other art, Randall said trendy pieces can make the house feel more updated, but match the art to the house. Don’t decorate your house like a modern loft if it’s a colonial.

4. Oprah-fy closets and cabinets

Open doors can encourage home buyers to look into closets and other rooms they may not otherwise have checked out.  Make believe that you have an orderly life. Your closet, should look like how you imagine Oprah’s closet looks.  Organize your clothes by color and type to create a pretty visual. Use tubs and baskets to create order. Nothing should look crammed in.  You need to look like you have enough space in the house.

5. Neutral, Neutral, Neutral

Light fixtures and art pieces are often used when staging a home.  Paint is one of the most cost-effective ways to stage a home. Choose a color that will have generic appeal.  A dining room painted red is a no-no.  Use “greige” paints, which includes gray and beige tones. Those colors can work with warm and cool tones in the decor.  Whatever color you choose, make sure it matches with your flooring or other expensive features. A mismatch could deter a buyer.