It’s the fourth quarter; nine months have already passed, there are three left to go and there is an entire new year staring you in the face. It’s a tremendous task to not only reflect on what you have accomplished, but to plan for what’s to come. Even more daunting is the thought of planning when you don’t know how or where to begin.

I’ve seen it year after year, working with agents of all production levels – business planning can be intimidating, especially for those working dual careers until they get their real estate business off the ground. New agents ask themselves, “How can I plan for a business when I have no production records or idea of what a reasonable goal is?” Let me assure you that everyone has been where you are today. The difference between those who made it big and those who didn’t is largely in part due to their successful business planning and commitment to work ON their business.

Are you committed to reaching your goals and being successful next year?

This Isn’t a Job – You Are a Business Owner Now

In my 19 years with Keller Williams, starting out as a technology program manager, then trainer to becoming an International Master Faculty Instructor with Keller Williams University, I’ve seen people come into the real estate field thinking they are simply replacing a job; though it’s much bigger than that says Antoinette Perez. When you become a real estate agent, you become a business owner, and business planning is not optional for successful businesses!

There tend to be three different groups of goal-setters based on where they are in their real estate career. There is the new agent, the established solo agent, and then teams. Each group has a unique set of influencing factors which impact their planning. For example, new agents have startup costs; teams have the complexity of gaining or losing agents, both of which impact the bottom line. Regardless of which group you fall into, the first essential step in business planning is getting a grip on what your current reality is and coming face-to-face with it. Without this, the goals you set can be very pie in the sky and not necessarily reflective of reality.

So ask yourself (and be honest): What did last year really look like, and what are you capable of achieving next year?

Millionaires Are Built One Business Plan at a Time

Understand that it takes years to build a million-dollar real estate business and that each year is another layer to achieving that goal. With proper business planning, you can reach new heights you didn’t think possible. It’s one step – one plan – at a time.

So now it’s time to get to it and begin. The first formal business planning step agents should take is the Business Planning Clinic with KWU. The course is rooted in The Millionaire Real Estate Agent – putting it all it into practice.

Activities in this clinic, which are designed to assess the current year, will give you an honest view of your business. Sure, this part is uncomfortable because we go face-to-face with things that didn’t go well and things we avoided. Though, by looking at it now, you won’t keep repeating your gaffes year after year. You will learn. You will grow. And your income will increase!

Together We Achieve More

I see myself as part of a larger picture with a lot of opportunities that come when they are right. Even my most pivotal decisions were never all about me … they included others.

I encourage you to embrace this collaborative mindset and to be open to the idea that you can’t do it all alone. Get help with your business planning and make it an attainable, not dreaded, activity.

Remember, anywhere you can see yourself, the vision of Keller Williams is to be able to take you there. I’ve seen it come true for so many people. It’s going to happen for you too – just plan for it!

Get Started Today!

With the new year just 90 days away, we would like to invite you to join us for a month of inspiration and education to help you set your 2019 goals! Learn from some of the best in the business and walk away with actionable steps to start the year off strong!

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