As the newly appointed president of KWRI responsible for the company’s continuous growth, Marc King has one resounding theme in his mind: Limitless possibilities. “I think it aligns with everything we do at Keller Williams,” the executive shares. “This is an abundant mindset company that thinks bigger. This company is great at finding your genius and putting you in a place to succeed.”

Throughout the years, King has made the rounds across all areas of the KW stratosphere. After building his own top-producing real estate team following the company’s models and systems, his talent and entrepreneurial spirit did not go unnoticed. Over the span of 20 years, King’s hard work and dedication found him in the roles of ALC Member, team leader, operating principal, KW MAPS Coach, KWU Instructor, area director, Regional Director, Divisional Leader and of course, director of growth. King’s own natural mindset has lent itself to this continuous abundance of possibilities, but that was not the sole variable contributing to his upward trajectory. Here, he shares his insights into building a life of limitless possibilities. 

King’s Six Keys to Building a Life of Limitless Possibilities

  1. Grow where you’re planted. King naturally enjoys the challenge of working toward growth, while also finding inspiration in his 94-year-old grandfather who has long instilled in him the value of hard work. But, he believes that success comes from an additional component: “I also think that there is an opportunity in the people that you surround yourself with, the company you are with, the way you think. If you wake up every day and you challenge the status quo and you believe in something bigger than yourself, there’s nothing you can’t do. Regardless of the role you fill or your geography, be the best you can be.” 

  2. Live out your mission statement. King’s mission – to challenge the limited mindset of a predetermined destiny – is deeply informed by his own upbringing and journey. “I grew up very poor, and the people nearest to me believed that if you’re born a certain gender, or color, or religion, who you are going to be has been determined for you,” he explains. In order to reach his true potential, King shares he never succumbed to that mindset. Instead, he continuously posed the question ‘Why?’ “I have never been the person to be a conformist,” he shares. “Challenge the limited mindset of a predetermined destiny means anyone can do anything. Every day you wake up, there is a new world of opportunities.”

  3. Never stop learning. Though he has reached what others may consider the ultimate professional milestone, King has no plans of getting too comfortable or locked within one specific way of thinking. In his everyday role, he continues to soak up knowledge from the likes of Gary Keller, who challenges King to think beyond the linear. “The lesson I’ve learned is that you’re never done growing,” he says. “Who’s challenging you to think bigger?”

  4. The secret is simple, not easy. As someone who has gone through every organizational role under the Keller Williams sun, King possesses invaluable institutional knowledge and personal experience on succeeding within the industry. And, he insists, the secret is much more achievable than you would think. “It’s going to sound really simple, so I apologize up front,” he says. “But Gary wrote a book that, if followed step by step, you can net a million dollars a year in this business, yet few people do. Why? Because we get about halfway through and we go, ‘Well, I’ve tried this way. Now I’ll get creative.’” Instead, he insists on the power of leaning into the belief that the real estate agent is the fiduciary for the client. “I think that’s when the most important part of our ecosystem succeeds,” he shares. “Follow The Millionaire Real Estate Agent (Red Book), follow those four models, and build a big business.”

  5. Always show up for others. Another key to creating limitless possibilities for yourself is to create limitless possibilities for others around you. “Relationships are the most important thing,” King shares. “When I started in real estate, I thought my job was to be a bulldog, and I learned very quickly that’s not how you succeed in this business. In fact, the more helpful you are to the other side, the more you will succeed. Others don’t have to lose for us to win.” 

  6. Embrace a fail forward philosophy. As you continuously strive to challenge the status quo, you are bound to make mistakes – and King insists that doing so and embracing them is an integral part of growing. Within his own career, he has made numerous mistakes, including opening a franchise in someone else’s region by accident. “I don’t know anyone who has made more mistakes than I have, and I believe 100 percent that I am here because of those mistakes,” King says. “It’s how you handle those mistakes and learn that matters.”

As you begin your own journey toward limitless possibilities, King invites you to reflect on the continuous opportunities in which you can grow and improve, and check your ego at the door by asking others for feedback. Ask your trusted colleagues the tough questions about your current path: What do you think I need to work on? Am I showing up authentically? Do you believe in the vision we’re casting right now? “Those are tough questions, and you have to have a safe environment to ask those questions,” he says. At Keller Williams, King continues to ask these questions, while learning, growing, and leading the company to limitless possibilities.