Kelle Market Snaps has moved to general availability after receiving the green light from 14,000 real estate agents through Labs. The feature, exclusive to KW agents, allows users to pull hyperlocal market reports with one voice or text command to Kelle: KW’s award-winning, AI-powered virtual assistant.

How Kelle Market Snaps works

On request, Kelle combs neighborhood boundary data that has been pumped into the Keller Cloud from social networking giant Nextdoor with real-time data from the MLS system to deliver hyperlocal market insights in seconds. The neighborhood boundary data is generated by Nextdoor’s users who have to verify their address before hopping onto the community. As of July, Nextdoor is in 175,000 neighborhoods.

“The reason we’ve partnered with Nextdoor is because 72 percent of their users are homeowners and one of the most common conversations on their platform is real estate,” says Adi Pavlovic, director of innovation at Keller Williams Realty International. “They aligned strongly with our vision of the tech-enabled agent and therefore are one of the first companies to plug into the Keller Cloud.”

The data partnership further enhances Kelle’s skills by allowing agents access to current listing stats and the most up-to-date sold stats for specific neighborhoods and ZIP/postal codes. Filtering allows agents to narrow results by date, square footage, listing price, and year built.

Market Snaps is shining in the field

KW agents are finding creative ways to integrate Market Snaps into their business and are winning more clients as a result.

“We went on a listing presentation in a neighborhood that we have not had many sales in. My wife pulled up Market Snaps while I was driving around the area looking at homes before our appointment,” shares Jeffrey Collins (Houston, Texas).

“During the appointment, the client said, ‘That’s great information, but it is the same stuff the last agent showed me. Tell me what you know about the neighborhoods around mine and how that information will help me sell my home.’ That is when I opened my phone and started clicking through surrounding neighborhoods on Kelle. We quickly described what we saw; how we would proactively leverage the technology and the data available to us and tailor our marketing accordingly. We won that listing!”

Script #1

Listing Appointment

When you work with me, you benefit from one of the largest, most profitable real estate datasets in the world. That means you gain instant insights into what’s going on from a hyperlocal perspective, in a snap.

[Open up Kelle]

Kelle, show me a snap for (neighborhood in city) or (ZIP/Postal code).

[Show them your phone]

From here, we can instantly see any changes in active listings, days on market, and other key statistics in this neighborhood and the surrounding area.

Luis Garcia (Northridge, California) taps into the power of Market Snaps during open houses.

“At our open houses, when a prospective buyer wants to know the value of our listing compared to other listings in the area, we pull up a Kelle Snap and show how our listing compares by price, days on market, and price per square foot,” he shares.

He loves how it empowers his clients to make thoughtful decisions.

“The feature really helps when a buyer is thinking of writing a lowball offer. It also justifies if a home is overpriced.”

Script #2

Open House

This house is priced competitively. And, that’s not just how I feel – we have the data to back it up.

[Open up Kelle]

Kelle, show me a snap for (neighborhood in city) or (ZIP/Postal code).

[Show them your phone]

As you can see, the median list price in this neighborhood is (price) and this house is listed at (price). Our list price per square foot is (price) and the average in this neighborhood is (price). So, the data tells us that this house is priced competitively in this specific neighborhood.

Market Snaps has amped up Jimmy Chickey’s (Las Vegas, Nevada) showings.

“When we are looking at a home in the neighborhood, I pull up a snap to check on the stats of that area. If we are looking at a 2,000-square-foot home, I will set the filter to only show homes with 1,800-2,200 square feet. This shows me active, pending, days on market, average list price, and even price per square foot. Comparing that to sold data gives us all a quick idea of how the home is priced. It is amazing! Kelle really shines when I’m in the field!”

Script #3

At a Showing

Let’s take a look at some hyperlocal data for this neighborhood to make sure that the house is priced appropriately.

[Open up Kelle]

Kelle, show me a snap for (neighborhood in city) or (ZIP/Postal code).

[Tap filters and adjust for square footage, years sold, and any other criteria. Show them your phone.]

Looking at comparable homes over the past year or so, it looks like this house is priced below the median. And, it is right in line in terms of average price per square foot. It also looks like the average days on market in this area is just (days). This house has been on the market for (days). That means this house will likely sell soon.

For Julia Henson (Springfield, Missouri), Market Snaps is much more than a feature. It’s a delivery on a promise.

“I came to Keller Williams after being invited to watch Gary’s vision speech that defined Keller Williams as a technology company,” she shares. “He promised big things and, as always, he means what he says. Keller Williams is on the forefront of the new age of real estate technology.”

Market Snaps joins a myriad of features that are designed to enable agents to elevate the level of service they can provide to their clients.

“Market Snaps allows you to be confident in your answers and use real estate data to impress your clients versus theory,” shares Henson.

This is only the beginning, reminds Pavlovic.

“Kelle Market Snaps is just the beginning of a much larger vision. In a span of a few months, we’re already evolving Kelle from a pure conversational experience to incorporating a map that allows us to provide much more meaningful experiences. The partnership with Nextdoor has given us a unique and exclusive data set to not just provide our agents with accurate market snapshots, but we will have Nextdoor insights feeding into those snaps that will truly separate us from the pack in terms of on-demand market analysis.”

Get Kelle on your team and start snapping today!

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How to Snap (It’s as easy as 1-2-3)

  1. Say, “Hey Kelle, show me a snap for [neighborhood, area, or ZIP code].”

  2. Hit “View Kelle Snap” to see current stats.

  3. Tap “Filters” to customize your snap.