The new Kelle skill empowers agents to be the local expert!

Just this past month, I was sitting in a KW LAB with other top agents and someone threw out an idea: What if Kelle (KW’s artificial intelligence app) could give us market snapshots in real time?

The next day, the MLS, Nextdoor, and Kelle were all thrown together in KW’s innovation engine, and 23 days later, Market Snaps was ready to be put to use in the field.

This new Kelle skill gives us the power to pull market snapshots from over 175,000 different neighborhoods across the country, immediately from our phones. Now when anyone asks me a question about any place in my market, the answer is at my fingertips.

That’s a big deal.

The qualifications for “being an expert” in the consumer’s eyes have changed. Every agent can offer an app that shows listings—that kind of information is a commodity. If we want to provide a superior consumer experience, we have to give our clients more than what they can already find on aggregator sites. And in order to do that, we have to know the right numbers, in real-time.

That’s exactly what Market Snaps does.

Now, when anyone asks me any question about any place in my market, all I have to do is ask Kelle for a “snap”, and I’m ready to give an answer. It takes out the guesswork, and gives us hard, hyperlocal numbers we can use to better inform our clients—no matter where we are.


The other day, Gary Keller told me that while he was flying back from Inman Connect, he opened up Kelle on his phone and told it to, “snap, snap, snap, snap,” and the app started pulling in market insights while he flew through neighborhoods at 30,000 feet and at 700 miles an hour. One minute, he’s pulling up pricing, pending, active, sold, and days on market data for Uptown Oakland, and the next he’s pulling up a snapshot of a ghost town in Nevada.

That’s crazy.

Today, our clients want to know instantly if the number they have in their head is on or off target, and roughly, by how much. By delivering instant insights anytime, anywhere for anyone, we bring unparalleled value to our customers.

Market snapshots are a game changer that give agents the ability to give instantaneous neighborhood insights to clients.