Keller Williams’ artificial intelligence, Kelle, turns a year old next month, and already, she’s beginning to transform the real estate industry with her myriad of skills – contact management, referrals, local insights, market snapshots, and business goals among many. Powered by the Keller Cloud, Kelle is enabling agents to connect with their clients, while enhancing their experience in fresh and exciting ways.

Inside the Cloud is where KW’s massive collection of agent, client, and transactional data resides. Kelle works directly with agents, connecting them with KW’s data and analyzing it so agents can act quickly and with confidence. The ultimate goal? To give consumers a well-informed, seamless home buying and selling experience unlike any other.

“We designed her for agents first so they can create unique value for their clients,” Keller Williams Chief Product Officer Neil Dholakia says about Kelle. Dholakia was speaking Tuesday to attendees at Inman Connect New York on a panel that looked at how artificial intelligence is impacting consumers.

Kelle, for example, can handle mundane tasks like adding contacts to your database. That frees up agents’ and assistants’ time for more meaningful work; i.e., activities that can help grow their business. Kelle can also provide valuable information on the home buying and selling process, helping to enhance agents’ daily interactions with their clients.

For example, as Keller Williams technology matures, Kelle will be able to analyze past data plus current events, and then project the odds that a seller will accept an offer. The agent will be able to tell their client the odds of acceptance and Kelle can inform the agent of parameters that would help increase those odds. Armed with the numbers, “you can have a conversation with your buyer,” Dholakia says.

Kelle will also be able to help agents quickly catalogue a home, labeling everything that an agent’s app sees during a walkthrough, from wood floors to granite countertops to ceiling-to-floor curtains. With that data, Kelle helps the agent create a marketing piece in just minutes.

Kelle’s skills are all made possible by KW’s deep sea of data collected over the company’s 35 years, plus new data it continues to pull into the Cloud. KW set off to harness that data in novel ways several years ago, transforming itself into a technology company. Dholakia calls it “a data exhaust” created by the daily interactions of KW’s thousands upon thousands of agents across the world. KW is “taking advantage of the network effect of all the data we have within the Keller Williams network,” he says. “We have a tremendous amount of data exhaust.”

Today, with Kelle, agents are able to stand in a given neighborhood and ask questionsabout a home’s average days on market, or the average home price for a given area. Agents can also interact with Kelle in shorthand, giving them even quicker access to the data. For example, an agent might say, “Kelle, snap.” That’s shorthand for a market snapshot, and Kelle will pull up the relevant data within seconds.

“We’re trying to make it easier for agents to get to the data and make it as efficient as possible,” Dholakia says.

Since Kelle was born a year ago, Dholakia says he and his team have learned a great deal about the tools agents really need to stand out in their job. Agents want to talk to their database, and to have technology work for them, not against them.

Partnering with Kelle and learning from her insights, KW agents will run their businesses smarter and more efficiently than ever before. KW’s powerful new technology gives agents a true advantage over the competition.

Start Using Kelle to Run Your Business

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