An agent with insider knowledge into a neighborhood is a plus for buyers and sellers looking for someone they trust to guide them through the home buying or selling process. Consider these top five tips for how you can establish yourself as their go-to neighborhood expert.

During an open house, you whip out a detailed report on real estate trends in the neighborhood. On a call with a client, you mention the city will soon break ground on a new neighborhood park.

Real estate agents who are neighborhood experts have a leg up. Both buyers and sellers appreciate and seek out expert insight into the ins and outs of their neighborhood of choice and how the area is evolving. Brand yourself as an expert in a certain neighborhood or neighborhoods, and word will spread, helping your business to grow. Consider these top five tips to establish yourself as a neighborhood expert.


With one voice or text command to Kelle – Keller Williams’ AI-powered virtual assistant – agents can have hyperlocal market reports in-hand.

This technology, made possible through Nextdoor’s unique insights, is helping cement their brand as a local neighborhood expert. Market Snaps come in handy at open houses, showing prospective buyers how a listing compares by price, days on market, and price per square foot to nearby homes. It can also help confirm a home is overpriced or convince a buyer they might be making too low of an offer.

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Open houses are an excellent way to meet people interested in your target neighborhood, both potential buyers and sellers. You have a captive audience, so come prepared. Pull economic reports on your city and neighborhood through Kelle, and bring data on local housing trends.

Know your neighborhood. Maybe there’s a nearby library that has sat vacant for years, but plans to renovate and reopen are almost underway. Or, you have the inside scoop on a nearby little-known farmers market. Mentioning these tidbits shows you’re plugged into the community and inspires confidence.

Here’s your quick guide to planning the perfect open house.


Getting your name into the news can establish you as an expert that understands the local market. Identify local real estate reporters – at newspapers, magazines, and with online outlets – and send them an introductory email. Mention a story they wrote that you enjoyed, and offer yourself as a resource for future articles. Reporters on deadline often scramble for sources, and they will appreciate you reaching out.

When you get in touch, mention an upcoming housing market report and offer to give a local perspective. Consider setting up a Google search with your city’s name and “real estate” to identify the best reporters to reach out to.

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Real estate agents are increasingly turning to Nextdoor – a private social network for neighborhoods – to position themselves as “the” neighborhood expert.

“From the very beginning, some of the most popular neighborhood conversations on Nextdoor have been about homes for sale and the local real estate market.  People are consistently seeking to better understand how to maximize the value of their most significant financial asset … their home,” shared the social network giant.

Used by over 86 percent of neighborhoods in the U.S., Nextdoor features 17 million recommendations for local businesses (like contractors, local bakeries, and real estate agents).

By creating a business page and sponsoring neighborhoods on Nextdoor, agents can share market statistics, articles, and community events. They are also able to engage in conversation with residents at verified addresses, ultimately allowing them to connect and build relationships with homeowners in all stages of the sell-side funnel. Real estate professionals’ engagement on Nextdoor is enabling them to become synonymous with a neighborhood, to serve as a trusted and valuable resource to residents, and to gain a digital word-of-mouth reputation as the desired agent.

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Connecting with local business owners will keep you top-of-mind when they hear that a customer wants to buy or sell a home. If you tend to shop online, try to make a few purchases at local stores.

Think about your interests and consider partnering with a local business on a free event, such as a music performance or a poetry reading. Stop by your local farmers market and talk to business owners in their booths.

To connect with local builders, reach out for a meet-and-greet. Let them know you admire their work, ask to see some of the homes they’re working on, and get the scoop on local building trends. It’s information you can pass on to your clients.

Whatever your strategy, stay consistent. Establishing yourself as a neighborhood expert will take time and energy, but it’s well worth the effort.