Congratulations to our Agents!

Who you hang out with matters!

We are excited to recognize our KW Agents who made the Salt Lake Board of Realtors Top 500 list based on their 2018 Sales Volume! Keller Williams had more Agents on the top 500 list than any other brand!

There is no question that who you hang out with matters.  We believe that the most efficient path to success includes surrounding yourself with others who are like-minded, driven and committed to getting better.   Our company’s collaborative culture, commitment to education and our belief in abundance attracts talent and creates an environment where our people thrive.  We are honored to be in business with such exceptional professionals.  

These agents are the embodiment of our company mission; to build careers worth having, businesses worth owning, lives worth living, experiences worth giving, and legacies worth leaving.

Congratulations to our KW Agents:

Ashley Lindsey – KW Utah Realtors          Benjamin Beesley – KW Salt Lake City

Brook Madsen – KW Salt Lake City          Bryan Hurd – KW South Valley

Cameron Burnside – KW Salt Lake City          Candice Evans -KW South Valley

Carolyn Chavez – KW Utah Realtors          Carolyn Parker – KW South Valley

Chris Jones – KW South Valley          Coby Wilson – KW Salt Lake City

Dave Frederickson – KW Salt Lake City          Donald G Raines III – KW South Valley

Emily Hayes – KW South Valley          Greg Ward – KW Utah Realtors

Heather Roxburgh – KW South Valley          Jack L Perry – KW Salt Lake City

James Rex – KW Westfield         Jeannette Horsley-Mason – KW Salt Lake City

Jenn Bain – KW South Valley          Jennifer Bowen – KW Salt Lake City

Jill Saddler – KW South Valley          Joe Reardon – KW Utah Realtors

Jona Gamboa – KW Utah Realtors          Jordan McQueen – KW Utah Realtors

Jordy Clark – KW South Valley          Joseph Gordon – KW Utah Realtors

Joshua Mills – KW Utah Realtors          Joshua Stern – KW Salt Lake City

Julian Finlinson – KW Utah Realtors          Justin Hurd – KW South Valley

Kelly Favero – KW Salt Lake City          Kody Watts – KW South Valley

Kristopher Bowen – KW South Valley          Lacy Stevens – KW South Valley

Lee H Stern – KW Salt Lake City          Linda Burtch – KW Salt Lake City

Lisa Edgington – KW Salt Lake City          Liz Bare – KW Salt Lake City

Maritta Dalrymple – KW Salt Lake City          Mark W Robison – KW Utah Realtors

Mason Conley – KW Salt Lake City          Melanie Bowers – KW Utah Realtors

Micah Pearson – KW Utah Realtors          Michael D Gabel – KW Salt Lake City

Michael Egan – KW Salt Lake City          Michael Perry  KW Salt Lake City

Mona R Stevens – KW Salt Lake City          Rachel W. Eliason – KW Utah Realtors

Rodney Mills – KW Utah Realtors          Ryan J Cannon – KW Salt Lake City

Ryan Pettit – KW South Valley          Ryan W Pool – KW South Valley

Scott F. Maruri – KW Salt Lake City          Scott Hardey – KW South Valley

Sean Buttars – KW South Valley          Shane Roxburgh – KW Utah Realtors

Spencer J. Williams – KW Salt Lake City          Spring Bengtzen – KW Legacy

Tamra Rieper – KW Salt Lake City          Traci Crockett – KW South Valley

Tyler Demars – KW South Valley          William Bustos – KW Utah Realtors