For the first five years he was in real estate, Brian Cane of PacifiCal Realty Group in San Diego, California, felt like he wasn’t really getting anywhere.

It wasn’t lack of enthusiasm. He wanted the biggest and best business he could build and set large goals to match his zeal. Cane was doing what came naturally to him: using his innate abilities, exercising his people and sales skills, and equating a strong work ethic with long hours. He remembers that time well … “I’d take two steps forward to take two steps back.”

It was in Gary Keller’s Quantum Leap talk at Family Reunion 10 years ago where Cane learned how to build a business by design and go from E to P – from entrepreneurial to purposeful. The concept would require him to get out of his comfort zone to break through his natural ceiling of achievement.

Cane recaps, “Anyone who knows me knows that using systems and models does not come easily for me, but I learned that when you plug into them, they help you fill the gap from where you are to where you want to be. That’s what allows you to get to and remain at purposeful.”

How to Go From E to P – Get Uncomfortable

“E to P” is the difference between performing an activity and actually mastering it. Maybe you’re focusing, working hard, and believe you’ll eventually break through your natural ceiling of achievement. But, if you’re only doing things that come naturally to you, you won’t get out of your comfort zone or achieve your highest potential.

Commit to Proven Models

The biggest difference between doing what is natural (entrepreneurial) and being purposeful (doing the things that are unnatural to you) is that by committing to proven models and systems and holding yourself accountable, you are able to break through your fundamental ceiling of achievement and be the one that defines what you can achieve in your real estate career.

When Cane flipped the switch from E to P, the shift into productivity was palpable. He doubled his production, closed 100 transactions and $80 million each year, and is now on track to triple his numbers.

The Career Growth Initiative – The Model Behind Cane’s Success

Cane uses the Four Conversations of the Career Growth Initiative to make sure he’s purposeful about his business. The CGI is a suite of interconnected value tools that can provide you with an unprecedented view into your business so you know EXACTLY what needs to be accomplished in order to achieve all-new levels of production and profitability. The system is centered on four conversations: listing appointments, listings taken, closings, and profit.


Why the Four Conversations Matter

Cane and his team meet every week to examine the Four Conversations and measure their productivity through the lens of weekly, monthly, and annual production. They discuss where they are in relation to their goals and how they can adjust their activities to hit their targets. Each conversation holds equal weight.


  • “The leading indicator of the health of any business.”

  • “If you want to know the future of what your production business looks like, just look at how many appointments you’re going on.”

  • “If there aren’t enough appointments, we discuss setting up a BOLD 100 Day, or come in to make calls until we set enough appointments.”


  • “Without appointments, there are no listings.”

  • “Are we pre-qualifying our appointments?”

  • “How’s our listing presentation or buyer’s consultation?”

  • “Are we asking for the business?”


  • “Without closings, there’s no profit.”


  • “Is necessary to fund our perfect life.”

Cane continues, “Basically, the Four Conversations is a way to intentionally talk about our goals. On a weekly basis, our team knows when we’re not on track.” The conversations help reroute and adjust activities so that goals are met.

Use the CGI Tools

The CGI is coupled with several value tools. When used together, the power of each is maximized. Cane’s favorite tool is the Pipeline report.

The report makes it clear what actions need to happen to move those leads further along the line. “The Pipeline Tool fits beautifully between the first and second conversations. Every single listing lead and listing appointment goes into the Pipeline,” Cane adds. “The Four Conversations and the Pipeline Tool actually help me and my team get from where we are to where we want to be. By using them, we’ve sold 1,100 homes together and we’re funding our perfect lives. Are you being purposeful to fund yours?”

Ready to go from E to P? Let the CGI be your guide!


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