When you were a little kid and your parents told you that you couldn’t have a second helping of ice cream, and they wouldn’t let you eat candy for dinner, do you remember thinking, “When I’m an adult, I’ll eat treats all day long?” Well, now you’re an adult, and you probably try to eat healthy at least some of the time, but maybe for just one day you can eat nothing but sugar…We’re giving you permission to do exactly that when you visit this sweet town that has pretty much every kind of treat you can imagine. Put on your stretchy pants and hop in the car!

There are plenty of Utah towns where you can get lots of sweet treats, but today we’re heading to Ogden. It’s big enough that it has lots of options, but small enough that you won’t spend too much time driving from one place to the next all day long.

Ice cream for breakfast? Why not! Farr Better Ice Cream opens at 9 a.m., so they must know that an ice cream cone breakfast is on our mind. The address is 274 21st St., Ogden, UT 84401.  The Farr family started as a business that supplied ice to Ogden residents and businesses, and they moved into the ice cream business in 1929. The rest is history! You can get up to 75 flavors here. Play Dough is the most popular, and vanilla is a close second.

After you’re done with your ice cream, head to The Queen Bee – a bookstore/chocolatier. You’ll find it at 270 E. 2500 S., Ogden, UT 84401.  Spend some time browsing through this adorable shop, which stocks everything from the latest fiction to children’s books. Once you’ve chosen a few books, stock up on some quality chocolate. Maybe sneak a hand-dipped chocolate or two from your purchase, then put the rest away for later.  

While it’s tempting to live on sugar alone, you might want some real food for lunch. Head to Slackwater Pizzeria and Pub at 1895 Washington Blvd., Ogden, UT 84401.  The award-winning pizza here is to die for. Try the Popeye’s Weakness, which has marinara, ricotta, three cheese blend, roasted garlic, and spinach. Now you can say that you ate something green today.  Now that you’re had some spinach, you can move on to dessert. Order the Beautiful Disaster. It’s a dessert calzone stuffed with Nutella, peanut butter, mascarpone cream cheese, and bananas. After it’s baked, they dust it with powdered sugar and top it with whipped cream.

You’re going to need a minute or two to digest that Beautiful Disaster, so now it’s time to take a little break at Beuss Pond Park. Take a stroll and say hello to the ducks and geese. The park is located at 4240 Country Hills Dr., Ogden, UT 84403.

Now that you’ve stretched your legs, it’s time to head to The Cupcake Shoppe and Bakery at 2352 Kiesel Ave., Ogden, UT 84401.  This little shop creates the most delicious gourmet cupcakes you’ve ever tried, in a variety of flavors. They even have special keto cupcakes if you’re going back to your diet tomorrow. Ask them about the Brownie of the Day, and get some cupcakes, brownies, and cake pops to go.

You’re probably on quite a sugar buzz by now, but you definitely need to stop by Mountain Donuts. It’s located at 3836 Washington Blvd., South Ogden, UT 84403.  The donuts here are fresh, creative, and melt-in-your-mouth amazing. They offer tons of different frostings and toppings, and you order your donuts, then wait while they fry ’em up right in front of you and serve ’em warm. You’ll want to eat at least one immediately, then take some home for later.

On your way home, stop at Jake’s Over the Top for a thick shake. Find it at 1249 Country Hills Dr., Ogden, UT 84403.  Jake’s shakes are thick, creamy, and delicious, and the perfect way to end your sweet day trip to Ogden.

Hopefully you haven’t suffered from a sugar coma by the time your tour of Ogden has ended!