Keller Cloud – it’s the only real estate-specific smart cloud, and it’s poised to redefine the homebuying and selling experience, for agents and consumers alike. For the past few years, Keller Williams has been busy building the Keller Cloud, a powerful collection of real estate technology tools, from the ground up.

The Cloud contains KW’s massive collection of agent, transaction and client data – giving the company an edge among competitors. It’s an innovation engine that allows agents to work smarter and more efficiently, a must in today’s fast-moving digital world.

Here’s where it gets exciting: the Keller Cloud is smart, meaning it’s powered by artificial intelligence – coined “Kelle” – so it’s constantly learning and providing agents more informed insights. What’s more, Keller Williams built the Keller Cloud in house, so the company is the sole owner of its destiny and maintains full control of who is invited to sit at the innovator’s table.

“We’re building an organization that’s fundamentally different from where we were before,” says KW Chief Product Officer Neil Dholakia. “Now, we’re like an enterprise software company. That’s part of our digital transformation.”

Elevating Business Through the Smart Cloud

So, how does the Keller Cloud get smarter?

The more data pumped into the AI engine, the more insights the Keller Cloud can produce for agents, better helping them guide their clients through major real estate decisions. Data is both historical and real-time, taken from agent and consumer experiences.

For example, offer information from KW’s agents are funneled into the Keller Cloud in real time. Kelle then scans this information for patterns and learns whether a given offer makes sense for a certain locale. Kelle can then impart that information to the agent, along with recommendations on how to tweak the offer to increase the odds that it’s accepted.

Lead Accelerator, an application within KWCommand (the operating system of the future) is another great example of how KW’s tech keeps getting smarter. With AI, Lead Accelerator learns – through click rates and campaign success rates – from marketing ads placed by agents across the industry. Kelle can then recommend how much a particular agent should spend on ads, and what kind.

On the consumer end, KW’s technology will match clients to homes based on property features they’ve engaged with on video walk-throughs. Before the videos are presented to clients, KW technologists and agents tag certain features, like hardwood floors, allowing the AI to make sense of which homes have these specific attributes. By putting Kelle to work, consumers are served custom recommendations – which their agent can contribute to.

Paving New Possibility Through Partnership

To build out the Cloud and its myriad of capabilities, KW has recruited and hired the best. Also, the company has recently brought on several key players – through acquisition and partnership – who will make the Cloud that much stronger.

KUNGFU.AI, an Austin-based artificial intelligence services organization, is helping KW build a new real estate contract-reading skill for Kelle. In time, Kelle will be able to scan, read, and send the details of handwritten and typed PDF real estate contracts to an agent in about 60 seconds. It also populates this information in KWCommand, saving agents time previously lost to manual data entry.

KW is also partnering with CognitiveScale, a leader in augmented intelligence software, to speed up the ability to create, test, and roll out multiple new AI innovations. And, an exclusive partnership with NextDoor, which represents around 180,000 neighborhoods, gives KW access to hyperlocal data that further informs the tools on the Cloud.

Dholakia is excited about the possibilities and by KW’s ongoing transformation, with the final goal of simplifying and streamlining the tech tools agents need to use daily, so they can deliver a seamless end-to-end experience to their clients.