If you grew up in Utah, you probably remember the Heber Creeper — a fun, historic train that often featured a Wild West “shoot-out.” Today, the Heber Valley Railroad still offers some incredible train rides, but the entertainment has gotten even more sophisticated.  All aboard the Heber Valley Railroad!

The Rio Grande Western Railway established a route from Provo to Heber in 1899. In 1968, the railway was abandoned. Thanks to community efforts, Wasatch Mountain Railway was able to run its Heber Creeper from 1970 until 1990, when it went out of business. The Heber Valley Railroad started back up in 1993 and has been running ever since.


You’ll start your journey at the Heber Valley Railroad Station, located at 450 S. 6th W., Heber City.  Make sure to arrive 30 minutes before the train departs — the trains leave right on time, and you don’t want to miss it! Click here to get your tickets in advance.

The railway offers several scenic routes.  Enjoy the three-hour-long ride on the Provo Canyon Limited, which takes you around the perimeter of Deer Creek Reservoir, along the Provo River to Vivian Park and back to Heber. For a shorter, 90-minute-long ride, choose the Deer Creek Express, which provides some rural vistas of the Heber Valley in addition to a trip around the reservoir. Other scenic trains operate during winter months, too.

Some of the train rides come with some pre-boarding entertainment!  Keep an eye out for the Wild West Shootouts that are staged right in front of the train depot before certain train departures.  On the Heber Valley Railroad, it’s not just all pretty scenery… the railroad offers some exciting special events onboard.

There’s a special train for just about everyone here!  One of the most popular trips during the summer is the Raft N’ Rails trip.  This trip takes you around Deer Creek Reservoir to the put-in spot on the Provo River. From there, you’ll hop aboard a raft piloted by an experienced guide from High Country Adventures. Navigate Class I and II rapids, get a little wet, and experience the river like never before!

You’ll want to dress up your little witch or wizard for the Wizard’s Train.  The train leaves at 7 p.m. and takes you on a two-hour journey that includes Harry Potter trivia games, photos with folks dressed as your favorite wizard characters, snacks, merchandise, and more. These trains are offered on special days throughout the year.

You probably know someone who would love the Star Wars Train.  This fun, two-hour train ride includes all kind of intergalactic fun. Dress up and bring your lightsaber, and be prepared for Star Wars trivia, prizes, games, and adventure. Heber Valley Railroad donates the proceeds of this trip to a local charity.

Other event trains include Comedy Murder Mystery, Swiss Days Specials, Broadway Show Tunes trains, Sunset BBQ trains, and more.  You’re certain to find the perfect train trip for you!

For more information, or to book tickets, visit Heber Valley Railroad’s website, and check out the latest event on its Facebook page.