Biggest Takeaways:

  • Know how Blaine transitioned from being a cable installer to Rookie Agent of the Year

  • How his genuine hunger for helping people helped him succeed

  • Blaine’s nuggets of wisdom for the aspiring agents

    A heart with a pure intention will always have a place in business, even in one as harsh as the real estate industry. Known for his genuineness, this is what Blaine Larsen’s success has proven. From a guy who installs your cable, how did Blaine spring board into becoming one of Utah’s best realtors?

Coming from a humble beginning, Blaine braved through real estate not only armed with his sales experience in the car industry but his natural inclination in interacting with people and sincere hunger to help. During his first year in the industry, he was consumed by the very reason why he chose to enter real estate in the first place, that is to allow his wife to stay at home and do what she loves most: take care of the kids. Blaine built his database by talking to a lot of people, sending out letters, monthly newsletters, going to conferences and setting up a mailer system. On top of these efforts, he got the results that he wanted by being purposeful & intentional when meeting with prospects. He knew his strength relied upon on building relationships with people, he stayed on that avenue & cultivated it well. Currently, his team still holds client events to continually establish a deeper connection with his clients.

Speaking to aspiring agents, Blaine said real estate should not be done in a casual manner. It’s hard work, loving what you do, and loving helping people. If you wish to succeed in the business, you should find your hunger and anchor on it always. Creating models and systems will also allow your business to be consistent and sustainable.

Now, Blaine’s team is on track for 100 units this year. His goal for the coming years to give his clients the best experience, establish what makes it the best experience, and reproduce it time and time again.


  • Blaine’s work experience prior to real estate. (02:09)

  • What triggered his career change? (03:12)

  • Blaine’s first brokerage. (07:30)

  • What did he do in his first year that set the stage for his ongoing success?

  • His monthly newsletter. (16:11)

  • The prospecting efforts during year 1 that helped him get results. (18:45)

  • Nuggets of wisdom for the aspiring agents. (23:58)

  • Why did he decide to shift brokerage? (28:03)

  • What pushed him to Keller Williams? (30:47)

  • How his team generating business in the market. (41:22)

  • Goal for the coming years. (48:44)

  • Resources that impacted his personal & professional life. (50:40)