“When you think about your dreams and your hopes, what do you think about?”

In his TEDx talk, Jay Papasan; executive editor and vice president of KW Publishing, as well as bestselling co-author of The ONE Thing and The Millionaire Real Estate Agent; shares insights on how to gain clarity around your true priorities through your daily choices and your ONE Thing.

The principle of the ONE Thing is centered on thinking big, setting a someday goal, distinguishing what milestones it will take to reach that goal, and working backward to reach each milestone. By embracing your ONE Thing, you will shift your wrong turns and dead ends into opportunity and purpose.

Seize the Day

“While you may know what you want, you may not know how to get there. Time is ticking, days are passing, years are ending. Time will never slow down: it’s your most precious asset.”

Papasan expresses that everything in our lives has an expiration date: the amount of vacations we’ll have with our families, the number of working years we have left, or even the span of our life. It’s all about time – we connect our someday to today to make stress and regrets a thing of the past. Through personal experiences, he decided that, “If we’re more aware of what we want, we can have something more meaningful.”

So, how do you connect your someday to today? Watch the video!  

After experiencing Papasan’s talk, agents were inspired to take control of their lives.

17 minutes very well spent watching this! Simple strategies to help you live more intentionally from priority, not just default. Outstanding!   –  Annemarie Cullen Reger

I know I can always learn how to be more purposeful and intentional with my time. It’s time to stop dreaming and start doing – this being one of the greatest secrets to getting ahead.   –  Brindley Tucker

Thank you for the inspiration! Two hours! I got this.   –  Lisa Wilkins Laird

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